With PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising, you bid on the keywords customers search for on search engines to find your products or services. The right budget and keywords ensure your ads show. When someone clicks on your ad, you're charged for that click. The person who clicks then goes to your specific website page.

The cost of PPC depends on your industry and how competitive it is. The average cost per click varies for most industries. The average cost per click across all industries is $2.69, however some industries can be much higher than that. Through research, we can give you an estimate on the average cost per click for your industry.

SEO is important yet is takes time to see the benefits. In most cases it takes at lease 6 to 12 to show results from good SEO, yet that assumes your website is setup correctly and regular, dynamic content is posted on you site at least 2 to 4 times per month with high quality and relevant 1,000 to 2,000 word blog posts. Also, your website will not show on page one of Google for all your leading keywords. SEO is like gardening and takes time. SEO and PPC compliment each other and work well together as a dual traffic-generating strategy.

  1. Customers often start their journey with search engines
  2. It drives immediate results
  3. It pulls in quality, page one converting traffic
  4. It increases leads and sales
  5. It is extremely targeted
  6. It is smarter than other forms of advertising
  7. Your competitors are using PPC advertising to grow
  8. It will help you break into new markets
  9. PPC advertising spend is controllable
  10. You only pay when someone clicks on your PPC advertisement + tons of free impressions

PPC is most effective for two things: Lead Generation and Online Ecommerce Sales. For lead generation, PPC can generate both phone calls and form-fills from qualified leads. Those leads are sent to your sales team or are answered through immediate phone calls to you or your sales team. With form fills, the key contact information is sent to you or your sales team via an email for follow up. The faster you follow up, the greater the chance you can turn a lead into a sale. For online ecommerce sales, we setup search ads and possible shopping ads. Search traffic is sent directly to your website for customers to buy your products online.

Yes, they do. In fact, based on a major industry study by Wordstream, roughly 65% of potential customers will click on an ad if they are looking to buy a product or service online typing in a high commercial intent keyword phrase.

Our PPC management approach includes:

  1. A free PPC account audit and consultation enhanced by over 30 years of marketing experience
  2. A custom designed, industry-specific action plan focused around your goals
  3. Advanced conversion tracking so every dollar leads to a measured event
  4. Custom landing pages designed to increase conversions
  5. Results based-based reporting
  6. Call lead closure analysis

PPC results are based on many variables. You have to have a strong monthly ad spend budget to ensure your ads will show at least 7 out of every 10 searches. Your account build has to be setup correctly and managed on a regular basis. Daily and weekly optimizations are critical. Furthermore, you have to have an effective lead follow up process to ensure you contact leads quickly. There are many more factors that lead to PPC success. Time plus data plus patience is critical.  

That depends on the client’s needs and business model. We don’t take a cookie cutter approach. We also don’t charge based on a percentage of spend, but instead bill based on a monthly project fee. That monthly fee varies depending on many factors. Once we have an understanding of your needs, we develop a proposal that includes your monthly management fee.

Yes. We never hide behind a dashboard. Your PPC account is 100% yours and you always have full access. You are billed for ad spend from Google or Bing through your credit card and we bill you separately for monthly management fees. If an agency does not give you full control of your account, we consider that a red flag. We believe in full transparency. You pay for your ads and it’s your account. We just have the privilege of managing it for you.

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