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We’re a PPC agency.

We help you increase sales with paid search using Lead Generation & Ecommerce.

Since 2008, we’ve worked with hundreds of small to medium-sized businesses from many B2B & B2C markets. With pay-per-click advertising our PPC agency helps companies do three things:

Pay per click Agency

Find Your Customers

We help you Find Your Customers through PPC, or pay-per-click advertising. PPC is a form of search engine marketing where advertisers pay each time one of their ads is clicked. This click then leads to their website.

Because PPC captures intent, it starts with warm leads. Cold leads waste your ad spend; warm leads maximize ad spend and revenue. Also, PPC captures ecommerce traffic to sell products online with search ads and Google Shopping product ads. PPC captures customers the moment they are ready to buy.

Audit Your Marketing

Our PPC agency helps you Audit Your Marketing by applying our thirty years of marketing experience to your unique business model. The best advertising in the world will not work unless a PPC agency takes the time to fully understand your business goals. You know your products better than anyone. We help your potential customers find you. Quickly and easily.

Tell Your Story

Lastly, we help you Tell Your Story by assisting with simple, relevant, and engaging ad copy and content. Great content tells a story by connecting with your customer’s desired needs. Great ad copy and content converts into sales. In addition, usability (UX), is key for successful digital advertising. For example, you can have the best digital ad campaigns in the world, but if your ads land on a page not optimized for action, it won’t convert into revenue.

Good Marketing Equals Great Content

Good marketing needs guidance, not guesswork.  If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency, read their blog. Read their books; I’ve written two. Talk to their clients. They should have at least 100 blog posts to showcase their competence. I’ve written over 320 blog posts. If a digital marketing agency can’t think for themselves, how can they think for you?

Large followings on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn does not guarantee results or revenue. Popularity does not equal competence.

We listen, think, create, and deliver. It helps us become a better digital marketing agency and helps us earn your business through results rather than wishful thinking.

Pay per click Agency







Why our clients love us...

Brit A.
via LinkedIn

Never in my 10 years in business have I worked with someone as dedicated to our success at Stuart Atkins. I could not recommend Stu and his team more for any business looking to scale. It is rare to find someone who treats your business as if it was their own & if you ever get the chance to work with Atkins Marketing Solutions, consider yourself lucky to have found such rare commitment in the marketing world.

Michael M., Brea, CA
Via Yelp.com

Atkins Marketing has done wonders for our marketing efforts. They helped us eliminate wasteful spending and spend our ad dollars  where they count most.

After years of spending too much time trying to do it myself, Atkins made our marketing a largely hands off endeavor.

Stu is always accessible and returns calls, texts, and emails promptly.

Rick R., Corona, CA
Via Yelp.com

Stu and his staff were very proactive and instrumental at revamping our AdWords campaign. We had a lot of wasted clicks and money going out that was not netting us the prospective clients we were trying to target. Stu not only helped us dial that in but he and his staff created custom landing pages for us which really helped out tremendously. Stu's response is on point and he is very good at updating on progress and results. I would recommend Atkins Marketing Solutions to any business who's looking to get better results in their marketing efforts.

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